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“A thought provoking and inspirational book that will linger in your thoughts well after you are done reading. From start to finish you will be swept away as you delve into the well written beautiful prose that describes the author’s encounters or “conversations” with an entity he refers to as “Energy”.


“An escape of poetry, insight and learning…” 

This is such a beautifully written book. It is an escape of poetry, insight, and learning all in one.


“Beautiful and inspiring…” 

Beautiful and inspiring. The words swept me up on a wave of travel prose, and the let me swim in a world of scientific spirituality – if that’s even a word. It’s just a wonderful book that treats me a like a smart adult and yet…

“This is a wonderful book that floats…”

This is a wonderful book that floats between poetry and spirituality, science and metaphysics.  It is part story and part guide – a beautiful book that brings you to the Greek isle of Ithaca and then whisks you to the edges of your consciousness.

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