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The Conversation is less a book than it is an experience.  Based on the five lucid dreams of the author and Modern American Monk, Jeff Cannon, The Conversation travels the energy of existence from the physical to the metaphysical and beyond as it takes its reader on a journey that balances God and Evolution, Spirituality and Science, the Human and the Divine.

This is a simple story of awakening through the transference Jeff experienced with his dream-guide on the Greek island of Ithaka and through the simplicity of Love.

The Conversation is the basis for much of Jeff’s teachings.  It weaves Western science and Eastern philosophy into a wonderful tapestry and meditation on Life, Death, Love and Transcendence.



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Jeff Cannon The Conversation


“Less a book.  It is an Experience.”


“Stunning, insightful, beautiful.”


The Conversation is the Answer.”





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