Where is the Truth?

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Where is the Truth?

“If we both see reality differently, where is the truth?”


“The truth is you.  Every occurrence that you and I share is an echo of its true nature.  What we experience is a ripple from the purest energy of existence.

“While you may feel as if you float in and out of consciousness every day of your life, your true self remains.  It is here that existence is bound together by the energy we all share.  That energy connects us, includes us, nurtures us and in turn draws from us.  We exist in a never ending ebb of energy that flows through currents just as the currents in an ocean flow through the water that carries them.

“When there is an occurrence in the energy that binds us all together we each feel its ripples in our own way.  How we feel that energy depends on the energy we surround ourselves with.  That is based on the filters through which we perceive everything.  Together those create our perspective and provide the vantage point from which to view the reality of existence.

“The energy that binds you to every event you experience both creates your consciousness and is created by it.  It weaves around itself and ebbs and flows to create the collective consciousness we all share and exist in.

“You experience the energy of existence on one plane and I on another.  Neither is better or worse.  They are simply different vantage points with which to experience the never-ending flow of existence from.”

It was moments like this in my dream where I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming at all.  The voice was so clear and vivid.  My thoughts were so basic and elemental that it was as if I were awake and experiencing our conversation as I normally would.

There were no ripples in time or folds in reality to make me think otherwise.  Here I was, on a boat, in a sea, sailing to nowhere and completely content with it.