A New Vantage Point on Existence

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A New Vantage Point on Existence

“Then why are you here?” I asked.


“I am here to give you a new vantage point from which to view existence.”

He paused as I let that sink in.  I was still unsure of what was going on, but I didn’t want to wake up without finding out.

“Each one of us experiences the events of our existence from a unique perspective.  Your perspective is different from that of anyone else.  No matter how slight the difference, each of our experiences vary.  And that minute difference makes all the difference in the universe.  Understanding your perspective is the first step to understanding what is reality and what is your reality.

“You experience life from many states of consciousness and many levels of awareness.  The world around you fades in and out of focus depending on where you place your attention.  Your memory does the same for all eternity.  Your experiences grow and fade as your focus shifts through life.

“Some moments gain in importance and others fade depending on how much energy you feed to each memory, or how much you want each to be a part of your life.  Your desire for a particular type of life creates that life based on the experiences you allow in.  But your life is different than your existence.  Your life is temporary.  Your existence is not.”

I allowed my mind to wander through what he had said.  It came back with an image that looked like it was on the page of a presentation.  A circle called life nestled within an enormous ellipse labeled existence.  I was embarrassed by the imagery, but it gave me the grounding that I so needed.

“The energy you put out is the energy you receive.  Fear, anger, Love, desire – each of these emotions shades your experience more than the sights and sounds and actions ever could.  Those feelings are more real than whatever it is you think you see or hear or taste.

“You choose to live how you are living.  How you experience life and how you remember it is based on the energy you place on each event you live through.  That is what forms it.  It is why some people live a lifetime in a single breath and why others spend an eternity breathing without ever experiencing what life truly is.”

“I understand what you are trying to say, but there is a point where a breath and an entire lifetime cannot be compared.”

“Take time out of the equation,” was all he said. “Time is a marker for your memories and nothing more.  It is no different than longitude and latitude, but it is not your experience.

“Your experiences in life depend less on how long and more on how deep those experiences run.  The understanding you gain in life  is based less on what you take from life and more on how you feed your life.

“Your greatest moments of despair and joy are the most tangible of experiences.  They stay with you for an eternity.

“The moments that are quickly forgotten are those points of existence where little energy is sent or received.  It is up to you to decide which of the moments in your life are to be kept and which are to be left to float by without reflection.

“When you read a book there are moments when you cannot remember what you just read.  There are moments when you travel that you pass by miles and miles of scenery, yet you cannot remember what the view looked like, or what you were thinking, or what you were doing.

“Where were you during those moments?  Your body was there, but you most certainly were not.  You have no experience of what transpired.  You have no memories, because you expended no energy on what was.”