The Taste of a Berry, Everything is Energy

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The Taste of a Berry, Everything is Energy

“Then all of this?” I waved my arms, “our entire existence, is just energy?” I asked.


“It is.  Energy is the medium.  You are existence.  Just like the sea, energy holds eternity together.  It is in that energy that the ripples of eternity ride upon.  There is no time.  There is no separation of past memory from present consciousness.  There simply is.

“In every direction you may place your awareness.  Your consciousness exists through it all.  Not because of where you are or what you are doing, but because you are aware.  Time is not the continuum, you are.

“The strength of that continuum depends on the depth of your consciousness.  The depth of your consciousness depends on where you have placed your awareness and how present you are.  You exist because you have focused your awareness on a single point of in your existence.

“When you become angry or excited you create an event with your energy.  When you Love a piece of art, a person or a flower you create an event.  It is the focus of energy that creates an event in the sea of existence.  A ripple emanates from that event.  That ripple touches everything, as do you.

“The more energy you place upon an idea or an emotion, the greater is your impact.  The greater the impact, the greater the influence you have on the collective energy we all exist in.  Your energy creates an impression, not just in the here and now but for all time and space.  That impression is your wave.  Do you now see how that wave can transform oceans?

“Present, past, future, those are just boundaries that the human condition creates.  In truth there is no time.  Time is nothing more than a marker for where you are.  It is the same as longitude and latitude.  It is nothing more than a plane which helps you conceptualize life in a way that you are comfortable.

“The human experience is like a gentle rain on a pond.  Each raindrop makes an impact as it lands on the pond’s surface.  That raindrop creates a ripple when it strikes.  Each splash lasts for but a moment before its ripples expand outward.

“In time the drop is gone, but its energy remains.  It has added to the pond.  Even though its effect may be imperceptible it has changed everything, forever.  The pond has become a little fuller.  The water has become a little cleaner or slightly dirtier.

“There is a new energy each ripple carries with it.  It may seem imperceptible on the surface.  Yet beneath the surface that drop has made a difference throughout the pond as its ripples echo back and forth.

“Your existence is the raindrop and everything connected to it.  The energy of your existence makes an impact on the Universe and all of existence every moment of your consciousness.

“Your energy makes an impression that affects everything long after you have left the shell of humanity behind.  You will be remembered long after your body has faded away.  That memory is your energy and your ripple.  That is the impact of the drop that is you.  Your energy will forever affect others in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

“Once you think or dream or act, no matter how large or small, your energy affects the Universe and the rest of existence.  The greater your energy, the larger your raindrop, the greater the impact you make.  Whether you make the pond better or prevent it from coming together depends on the quality of your thoughts, your actions and your energy.  Each raindrop may not seem like it makes an impact but it does.  The better your energy, the better the pond, and the purer is the water that flows into the sea.”


Conceptually I knew that everything he was saying was true.  It was echoed in the expanding contemplation of physicists and philosophers throughout time.  But still my hand felt he tiller and the deck of the boat.  I reached over and felt the cool water of the sea. He smiled at me, knowing where I was going.