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Read some of the passages from The Conversation, a book that answers the questions we have all asked along our journey.

The Conversation: The Nature Of Energy

Pg. 49 – A Meditation on the Nature of Energy & Consciousness “Then all of this,” I waved my arms, “our entire existence, is just energy,” I asked? “It is. Energy is the medium. You are existence. Just like the sea, energy holds eternity together. It is in the...

The Conversation: On Energy

Pg. 21 – After a moment’s pause he continued, “You create the world you live in. That world is simply a mirror of your energy. The energy you send out is the energy you receive. It is why the world you live in is limited. It is the world you...

Where is the Truth?

“If we both see reality differently, where is the truth?”   “The truth is you.  Every occurrence that you and I share is an echo of its true nature.  What we experience is a ripple from the purest energy of existence. “While you may feel as if you float...

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Jeff Cannon Modern Meditation 480Jeff Cannon is the author of numerous books on meditation, spirituality and wellness. He is a member of NYU Hospital’s Patient Advisory Board and a contributor to Huffington Post, Misoprostol generic online MindBodyGreen and countless other websites and blogs.  He wrote The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World in 2009 after which he founded The Simple Truth Project where he teaches Modern Meditation privately as well as through public workshops.

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